The Disappearing World of Antarctica

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dog sledding
by  Kevin Walton and Rick Atkinson

This is a true story of the bonds that form between man and dog, whilst dog sledding in remote harsh landscape of the Antarctica. These husky dogs are far more than just beasts of burden, they were these men's companions that provided them with a means to travel being able to survive wilderness conditions and work in the most demanding and beautiful places on earth.
antarctic penguins
This book has colorful illustrations on nearly every page showing magnificent landscapes and depicting the courage and devotion of these dogs. Nowadays huskies as a means of transport have been cruelly disregarded and replaced by cold efficient gas-driven machines. The resulting loss of those stoic moments where man could sit and gaze into the wilderness whilst befriended by his loyal and resilient but quiet friend, the husky dog will never return.
Rick Swenson
Five time Iditarod Trail Race Champion

'A unique and inspirational account of a truly remarkable achievement. A book full of heart felt emotion, vividly describing life in Antarctica with the dogs. Compelling reading…. The photographs are evocative and the text both amusing and unusual. If only I could have been among those to have shared in this grand adventure.'

Of Dogs and Men is therefore an attempt to record a lost way of life - a disappearing world, for us to discover. It also attempts to explain the deep affection that these men had for their dogs, men who were tough yet wildly sentimental about their close husky friends, surviving the wilderness of the frozen wasteland .

As the Antarctica changes as a result of global warming, the book's  illustrations will also provide you with historical evidence of the beauty of this wilderness that is now disappearing.

With the departure of the last huskies from Antarctica an era has come to an end, never to return. Those of us who have never shared the experience to understand the pure delight of driving behind dogs and at the same time being so utterly dependent on them for survival will by reading this book with it's intense pictorial visualization of the vastness of this cold foreboding place understand why these men's moral and well being changed dramatically.

Sir Vivian Fuchs
'For many years the dogs' personalities and friendship provided a power of strength to small groups of men isolated in the world's most stressful climate....
     A book for all dog lovers.'

So full of compassion and hope that when you start reading it you will not be able to put it down until you have read it all. 

Foreward by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, you will be mesmerized by the wonderful panoramic photographs that invade every page of this outstanding book.

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This book was conceived as a tribute to the late Ted Bingham whose skill and enthusiasm for dog driving became a tradition and feature of the British Antarctic Survey for 50 years. We dedicate it to the dogs - our transport, our life savers and our all-round companions. They were terrific.

If these pictures don't inspire you to want to purchase this book then this book is not for you.  Only purchase this book if you want to feel the romance of dog and man surviving the wilderness that is rapidly disappearing. 

But should you decide to purchase this book there will be a six week delay before you receive it,  so buy now and minimize your delay, don't prevaricate as you will only be delaying receiving a book that you will nourish and show to many of your friends.

Sarah K Marlow 
née Walton
As we look at the rising cost of fuel and the effects it has on the earth's environment, I do wonder whether dogs may return to the southern frozen continent. .......
surviving the wilderness
Husky Dog
frozen wasteland
Robert H T Dodson 
Of Dogs and Men can be read either cover to cover, or simply in fragments as informative and colorful anecdotal elements of the now-extinct era of Antarctic exploration by dog team. The text is engaging, the style flawless.....

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